Welcome, and well-met indeed! Please bear with the dust and confusion as we settle into our new cyber-digs!
The Wicked Witch Zone
Welcome, Traveler, and well met! MotleyDragon is the main heading for all my web affairs. At the moment, most of my websites are still hosted on free servers, but I am moving them HERE as fast as I can transfer images. Due to the graphics-rich nature of many of these sites, however, this promises to be a lengthy endeavor. Therefore, please bear with the temporary insanity, I assure you it will be worth it to get away from all those annoying pop-up ads!
The Chateau de la Sorciere
Sword & Sorcery Kennels:
The Castle at Heartland Keep
For an overview of the rest of our farm animals, including our ornamental poultry, waterfowl, rabbits and goats, you can visit:
Our flagship Website, showcasing our breeding program of fine showdogs over the last 25 years. The old Castle will be updated as it moves here but for now, the grand old version can still be seen here:
We do have one of the sites up and running, and ad-free!
Please visit the new French annex to the old Castle at Heartland Keep, where our beautiful Beaucerons are housed!
Coming soon: an all-new wing for the Spaniel Armada!
Click HERE to visit the Castle at Heartland Keep!
Enchanted Oaks Farm
Click HERE to visit the Farm!
And of course, the Broom Closet, where my current literary offerings share space with blogging and entertaining email.
These and other sites coming soon, including our sister-site, FlamingoRut; which will house our commercial enterprises! Thank you for visiting, and please come back to see how the site unfolds!