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NOTICE: 1-18-17
The original S'N'S domain,, has been HACKED by a company from another continent. We have been forced to move the original Sword & Sorcery site to this domain, and for those of you who are familiar with the old site, you know what a massive undertaking this will be. Please excuse the mess and confusion while we painstakingly and lovingly rebuild the Castle, the Chateau, the School of Bitchcraft, and the Broom Closet, as well as the business sites Flamingo Rut and the Dragon's Web. In the meantime, please forgive the broken links as we forge forward. I will have the site up and running as soon as possible. The one good thing about all this is it allows me to rectify some errors in code from the original site that were just too time consuming to chase down before. Look forward to a new, better and easier to navigate site when all is said and done, and we thank you for your forbearance!

Click Here to Visit our FarmENCHANTED OAKS is our home, a small hobby Farm in central Oklahoma where we raise Ornamental Poultry, Sheep, and Goats. It is also the home of Sword & Sorcery Kennels, but the Enchanted Oaks site focuses on our Farming pursuits. If you are interested in learning more about our beautiful Call Ducks, Polish Chickens, Katahdin Sheep, or Boer Goats, this is the Site for you. The Enchanted Oaks site is currently not available due to the temporary closure of the Farm and moving to a new site as soon as one can be found. Come back soon to see the completed Site!
Click Here to Visit the Original, Classic Castle at Heartland KeepSWORD & SORCERY KENNELS links to the Original, the one and only, classic Castle at Heartland Keep. This is the old virtual Castle, our first Website, and a delightful romp through our first 25 yrs breeding fine show Dogs. The Castle is complete with a tour of the extensive Grounds, Gardens and a Menagerie of Fantastical Creatures. And of course, it includes all the wonderful Photos of our beautiful Staffordshire Terriers and other Dogs from our past. The Castle is child-friendly and includes links to the original Cyberpet Collections so that Visitors may adopt their own Mythical Creatures. At the moment, the Magic Castle is under massive reconstruction, and some of the spells have gone wonky, so please bear with us as we redirect all the relevant links.
Click Here to Visit our Beautiful BeauceronsCHATEAU SORCIERE is the new Kennel Site, the French annex to the Sword & Sorcery Keep. It is devoted to our handsome Beaucerons, a rare French herding Breed. Beaucerons are new to the AKC, gaining full recognition as of June of 2007, but we have been involved with them since 1992. The Chateau boasts a substantial selection of Photos and Pedigrees of our beloved Beaucerons, as well as Breed Information, and Links to other Sites of interest to Beauceron Fanciers. NOTE: The NEW Chateau site hosted at the S'N'S domain server is deceased due to hacking from a foreign country! Most of the pages are down, so please be patient, while we conpletely rebuild the Chateau here. However, we will be leaving the old site up for a bit until we get all the personal pages of the dogs moved back in, so if you want to see photos and pedigrees while we finish up the new Chateau, you can still go see them HERE.

Click Here to Visit the Spaniel ArmadaDOGWARTS is a brand-new Magic Castle still under construction. It seemed appropriate to put our Spaniels in a Scholarly setting, since we are all still learning more about this lovely Breed. When completed, Dogwarts will showcase our lovely English Toy Spaniels, or "Charlies", as well as our Ibizan Hounds, or "Beezers," in a virtual School of Bitchcraft and Wizardry. It will also host links to CharliesUSA, the friendliest English Toy Spaniel Email Group on the Planet, and include a brand-new site devoted to helping quality people find quality English Toys from our Group members.

Click Here to Enter the Broom ClosetTHE BROOM CLOSET will take you to the Wicked Witch Zone, a rather eclectic Collection of Writings, Email Sorties, Dog Articles and a running Blog written from the very Pointed point-of-view of the resident Sorceress, known by some affectionately (we think) as the Wicked Witch of the MidWest. This page is under construction until further notice.

Click Here to Visit the MotleyDragon E-commerce SiteMOTLEY DRAGON is our original Domain, and some of our Sites are still hosted there. However, all of the Dog and Farming Sites will be moving are down due to hacking of our original Sword & Sorcery domain site, which means it will have to share wit MotleyDragon's original Purpose: our online Business pursuits. If you are looking for your very own Web Page, you might want to visit the Dragon's Web, our Website and Graphics building business. Or you could browse through Flamingo Rut, an Ecommerce Market for our Dog and Fantasy Collectibles for sale. It will also showcase original Art work by D'Sorceress, including Sculptures, Stone Carvings, hand crafted stuffed toys (esp DRAGONS) and custom Etched and Stained Glass.

We want to thank you for visiting MotleyDragon's Domain. We know you have a choice where to spend your Internet time, and we are pleased you chose to spend it with us. Come back soon to see what is new; our Sites are constantly under construction and new Photos and Items of Interest are being added all the time.


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